Little Ferret Tea Shop

Angry wife? Angry Husband? Somebody sucks again the the raid party? They told you no pets or weapons at any other cafe or venue? That is why Little Ferret Tea House exists! We welcome all! No matter of the mood, DPS ability or internal screaming level.


The Sign Up for the April 25th Auction will begin on April 17th.

The Sign Up for the Fashion Show will begin on April 5th

Little Ferret strongly believes in comfort and nothingness. If you ever need a place to relax or run away from the world you are always welcomed here. Roleplaying or not, the doors are always open for those who just want to relax. Even if one of us is not present ;) Come in to afk craft or attempt to communicate.
And here is our staff!

Welcome to Little Ferret Free Company Page!

The future home of all the FC updates and inspirational blah blah blah!

Let Tyo Pani (Aralez#9333) know if you'd like to join our madness.

the first 10 people to join after this announcement (2/25/2020) get to have their character doodled by Rino herself!

Congratulations to:...

This Month's Events

Movie NightEvery Friday10.30 pm ESTDiscord
Map RunsEvery SaturdaytbdFC House
Auction NightApril 25th9.30 pm ESTFC House


  • Each person can win no more than 3 people at a single event.

  • The price must be paid immediately upon the end of the bid.

  • This is by NO MEANS and ERP auction. We cannot guarantee anything more than general RP with no specific length or amount of booze.

  • Each bidding starts at 25,000 gil and can increase by no less than 5,000 gil and no more than 500,000 gil at a time.

  • As a host, Little Ferret Tea House claims 15% of the ending bid. (So if the final bid is 100,000, person will be rewarded with 85,000 gil.)

  • If participants feel uncomfortable or threatened in -any- way, they are to contact one of the tea house employees immediately. By signing up, the participants are becoming protected by the venue during (and in some cases, after) the event of the Auction.

  • If customer is not satisfied , Little Ferret guarantees full Gil return.

^^^^^^^^^^^In order to sign up press at this button!^^^^^^^^^^^

Line Up

Participants Will Be Show Shortly^^

Little Ferret & Eorzea Photography
Fashion Show

Little Ferret Tea Shop with collaboration of Eorzea Photography
is proud to present the very first Fashion Show.

The show will be hosted on Saturday, April 18th at 9 pm EST sharp, at the address of Coeurl, Mist w14 p58.

We welcome everyone to come and watch or to perform! The main three categories will be Spring, Kawaii and Elegant Night.
Each category will be judge by 3 representatives total, from each company.
Each performer will get a screenshot of them taken, posted, and send to their desired location. The winner of each category will receive a prize of 100,000 gil as well as the screenshots.

The entrance for the viewers is free of charge, however drinks and food will be served in the bar at the viewer's expense.

Rules for Performers

1. Performer has to pay a Competition Entrance Non-Refundable Fee of 10,000 gil per category.

2. The performer can enter any amount of categories as follows:

Spring (Must wear Spring related outfit)

Kawaii (Must wear the cutest outfit)

*Elegant Night (A long dress/tuxedo, as for an Elegant Night in expensive restaurant.)

3. Performer can only have 1 outfit per category.

4. Winner of category will get 100,000 gil as a reward.

5. Performer must react to the "Last Call" message in discord and show up an hour early to the event (8pm EST) in order to be qualified to perform.


^^^^^^^^^^^In order to sign up press at this button!^^^^^^^^^^^


Line Up

namecategorycarrd site

Tyo's Secret Alcohol Stash

All for 5000 gil each
Spiced TaroTaro tea with rare Ishgardian rum
Mulled WineLike tea... but wine. Harsh taste of spices with a sweet aftertaste.
Keiss's Special SauceIced Ishgardian tea mixed with whiskey. This beverage is so special... It has a chance of changing the color of your outfit.
Nature Shota shot of vodka that has been infused with chamomile.
Minekaze MonsoonDoman tea... but sake. Enjoy the traditions... in the nontraditional way.