Little Ferret Tea Shop

Angry wife? Angry Husband? Somebody sucks again the the raid party? They told you no pets or weapons at any other cafe or venue? That is why Little Ferret Tea House exists! We welcome all! No matter of the mood, DPS ability or internal screaming level.


Tyo's Secret Alcohol Stash

All for 5000 gil each
Spiced TaroTaro tea with rare Ishgardian rum
Mulled WineLike tea... but wine. Harsh taste of spices with a sweet aftertaste.
Keiss's Special SauceIced Ishgardian tea mixed with whiskey. This beverage is so special... It has a chance of changing the color of your outfit.
Nature Shota shot of vodka that has been infused with chamomile.
Minekaze MonsoonDoman tea... but sake. Enjoy the traditions... in the nontraditional way.